How to become a twitch affiliate in 2023 – Fast and Simple

Josef Al-Duais
Josef Al-Duais
March 5, 2023

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate is not that hard. It requires hard work, dedication, and some followers.

There are many ways to get followers on Twitch, and this guide will teach you the best methods.

First, let’s take a look at what being a Twitch Affiliate entails.

In order to become an affiliate, you need to have 50 followers and 3 or more average concurrent viewers while streaming for over 500 minutes spread across 7 or more unique broadcasts in the last 30 days.

This is the first significant milestone and a starting goal for all new Creators and Streamers on Twitch in order to become partners.

So how exactly can you get 50+ followers on Twitch fast?

How to get 3+ average concurrent viewers on twitch? We’ve got some answers that are going to surprise you.

What is a twitch affiliate Program?

With the Twitch Affiliate Program, you can turn your streaming hobby into a money-maker as you strive for Partner status.

Gamers and streamers have the opportunity to make money from their passion.

Becoming a qualified affiliate is the first step in what could be an extraordinary journey of celebrity streaming status—and all its financial rewards!

  1. Reach 50 Followers.
  2. Stream for 8 hours.
  3. Stream on 7 different days.
  4. Have an average of 3 viewers.

To be a Twitch Affiliate Partner, you must complete all four steps within 30 days.

Step-by-Step Instructions to become a twitch affiliate

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate is an exciting process with a few steps to follow.

It represents an incredible opportunity to join the huge Twitch community while pursuing your passion.

The Twitch Affiliate Program involves streaming live gameplay, interacting with viewers, and spending your energies developing content that shows dedication and expertise in what you do.

With each stream session, view and engagement metrics are tracked as potential qualifying factors for acceptance into the program.

So don’t delay; dive right in because the prospects of becoming a successful Twitch Affiliate could be waiting right around the corner!

1.) Reach 50 Followers

If your goal is to become a twitch affiliate or twitch partner, you’ve got to figure out how to get those 50 followers first.

And the key is to find an activity that you actually enjoy and use it as a means of building an audience.

It’s necessary to get acquainted with others in the same twitch community, raid other twitch streams, and stay organized by using a consistent handle/brand across all social media channels —through interaction on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites alike—you can have folks pressing follow soon enough.

To really dial your audience up and maximize twitch opportunity, implementing stream element features such as loyalty systems, which offer currency, leaderboards, stream stores, contests, and giveaways will go a long way in boosting engagement for the better.

So embrace the challenge of building followers—feel free to make it fun!

2.) Stream for 8 hours.

If you want to become a twitch affiliate and really build a twitch community, then consistency is truly key.

Dedicating yourself to streaming at least two hours per session and keeping a regular schedule of when you plan on streaming will let your viewers know when to tune in for your content.

This will also encourage twitch-goers who stumbled upon your twitch channel to follow the page for any upcoming streams or maybe even aspirations of one day becoming an avid Twitch viewer.

Now you just have to keep up with your regimen and I’m sure you’ll be well on your way toward twitch affiliate fame!

3.) Stream on 7 different days.

Becoming a twitch affiliate isn’t as easy as it sounds – streaming seven days a week is one of the requirements twitch imposes on aspiring twitch affiliates.

But if you can power through this seemingly daunting feat, then congratulations!

You’re well on your way to being a twitch affiliate alongside some of the most talented streamers out there.

Just remember, twitch affiliates don’t become twitch affiliates overnight – take it day by day and you’ll be a twitch affiliate in no time.

4.) Have an average of 3 viewers

If you’re a twitch streamer, you know earning three viewers in your live streams is pretty easy—it’s like giving candy to a baby.

But meeting the viewership requirement of sustaining an average of three viewers over at least 500 minutes of broadcasting can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, Twitch has made it easier for aspiring twitch affiliates to reach their goals by providing clear guidelines that if followed diligently, twitch streamers can meet the requirements and reap the rewards associated with becoming an affiliate!

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to show twitch what you’re made of and join other successful twitch streamers on one of the hottest streaming platforms around.


How can I get 50+ followers on Twitch?

Getting 50+ followers on Twitch doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Rather than spending time trying to catch the attention of total strangers, start by connecting with those who already know you.

Share your Twitch link with friends and family who are already familiar with the platform, and let them know when you stream. Then branch out onto your existing social media accounts – your fan base should start growing!

If you have IRL or online friends that share your passion for gaming, those are the perfect people to start off with as your first followers.

If you’re feeling a bit unsure about going public with your streams, take some time to inspect your channel and see if there’s anything you should work on before broadcasting.

While collaboration with other creators is great, also don’t forget that connecting with viewers while having quality content can go a long way toward earning affiliate status.

Take affiliate opportunities on other platforms and use affiliate status as an incentive towards joining you on Twitch, as well as utilizing ad revenue and channel points. Before you know it, your stream will be at peak capacity!

How much do Twitch affiliates earn?

Streaming on twitch may seem like a fun and enriching pastime, but how much do twitch affiliates actually make?

Well, based on the twitch affiliate agreement, twitch streams can earn up to 50% of the $4.99 monthly subscription cost for each subscriber.

Not bad, right?

But perhaps you think that sounds low compared to other streaming sites? Hold your horses – twitch also has double-digit monthly contribution levels at $9.99 and $24.99 per month – not to mention additional ad revenue!

So there certainly is room to make more income as a twitch affiliate.

Is being a Twitch affiliate worth it?

Being a Twitch affiliate certainly isn’t easy – it takes good content and consistent viewership to get accepted.

But if you have the skills and fortitude to make it through, being an affiliate can be quite rewarding!

From earning money from your streams through subscription payments to exclusive access to new tools, there’s something for all kinds of streamers out there.

If you’ve got what it takes, don’t hesitate any longer – pop that application in and see where being an affiliate takes you!

Can you lose an affiliate on Twitch?

On Twitch, the only thing more precarious than becoming an affiliate is actually managing to maintain it.

That’s because the precious affiliate status can be snatched away instantly if people stop following your channel.

Suddenly those viewers that brought in a nice chunk of revenue from donations and subscriptions can all be gone if you lose just 500 average viewers per stream-yes, twitch has their eye on you!

Needless to say, maintaining twitch affiliate status requires a delicate balance between entertaining your followers and generating hype around your streaming activities so that they don’t wander off and leave you hanging.

So if you want to keep those pesky twitch bots at bay with their ever-coveted twitch affiliate status, then don’t give them a reason to click away anytime soon!

How much do small streamers make?

While most of us wouldn’t turn down the revenue generated by a ‘small’ streamer on Twitch, it’s interesting to note that even at their lowest, small streamers can be earning as much as $50 per month for streaming their passion.

At the upper end of this spectrum, small streamers doing well can earn up to $1,500 per month – an impressive income from an equally impressive hobby!

With dedication and hard work, many small streamers go on to achieve affiliate status – so all is not lost for those with their eyes set on big revenue streams!

Pros and Cons of becoming a Twitch Affiliate program

Becoming a twitch affiliate has some obvious benefits, from making money to growing your platform and gaining exposure.

But it’s important to be aware of the challenges that come with it as well.


  • Making money through ads, subscriptions, donations, and channel points

  • Growing your platform, audience size, and gaining exposure

  • Participating in exclusive affiliate programs such as game sales promotions or exclusive emotes

  • Being eligible for additional features offered exclusively to affiliates (i.e., cheering bit discounts)


  •  Meeting the minimum requirements for viewership and followers before becoming an affiliate

  • Developing content tailored to the needs of your viewers and keeping them entertained throughout your stream

  • Engaging with your viewers to form a sense of community around your channel

  • Integrating useful marketing strategies to promote your stream and reach new potential viewers

  • Balancing streaming with other commitments such as work, school or family life.

  • Taking on the challenge of becoming a twitch affiliate can be rewarding in many ways, but it’s important to take the time to understand all aspects of it before deciding if this is the right move for you. Good luck!

Wrapping Up and My Experience With Becoming a Twitch Affiliate

My experience with becoming a twitch affiliate has been nothing short of amazing. I’ve gone from streaming for fun to making money doing something I love.

Although it took me time and hard work, if you follow the steps outlined in this article, you can achieve affiliate status faster than I did!

Keep in mind that being an affiliate is only the first step in your journey toward becoming a top streamer; there are still many more challenges ahead!

But take heart – by taking on these challenges, you’ll be able to make money while enjoying your favorite activity at the same time. So get out there and start streaming today! Good luck!

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