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Josef Al-Duais
Josef Al-Duais
March 19, 2023
Rode wireless go ii

Rode wireless go ii

There is no doubt that action cameras have taken the world by storm. They are perfect for capturing action shots and videos, which is why they have become so popular among athletes and adventurers.

But as anyone who has tried to use an action camera knows, there are a few catches. First, action cameras tend to have limited shooting options and features. Second, their sound quality tends to be poor.

This is because most action cameras do not have a built-in microphone, and those that do often have a very poor microphone. This can be a major problem if you are trying to create videos with good sound quality.

But don’t worry! There is a solution. You can improve your action camera’s sound quality by using an action camera microphone attachment.

These attachments allow you to connect an external microphone to your action camera, which will greatly improve its sound quality.

So if you are looking for ways to improve your action camera videos, then make sure to check out my review of the best action camera microphone attachments.

What is an action camera microphone attachment and why do you need one?

An action camera microphone attachments are a device that allows you to connect an external microphone to your action camera.

This is important because most action cameras do not have a good microphone. By using an action camera microphone attachment, you can greatly improve the sound quality of your videos.

The 10 best action camera microphone attachments

Rode wireless go ii

Overall best action camera microphone




This top-of-the-line system offers two versions – with either one or two transmitters – for ultimate convenience.

But that’s not all. The Rode Wireless Go II is also compact, square, and easily portable. So whether you’re using it for filming or interviews, you can take it with you wherever you go. Plus, the transmitter attaches to the subject’s clothes, and the receiver mounts on a cold or hot shoe, making set-up a breeze.

And we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. The Rode Wireless Go II has an incredible transmission range of 660 feet (200 meters). So whether you’re close up or at a distance, you can rest assured that your audio will be clear as day.

Not to mention, the onboard recording feature ensures that you won’t lose any audio if transmission drops out.

But that’s not all. The Rode Wireless Go II also features Rode’s safety mode. This records a second audio track at -20 dB so that you always have a backup. And if that wasn’t enough, the transmitter also saves your most recent recording settings so that you can quickly and easily get back to where you left off.

Rode VideoMicPro

Best quality action camera microphone




Are you looking for the best microphone for your filmmaking needs? Look no further than the Rode VideoMicPro.

This shotgun microphone is perfect for capturing high-quality sound, whether you’re using a DSLR camera or the DJI Osmo action camera.

The ½’’ condenser capsule delivers crystal-clear sound, while the super-cardioid polar pattern ensures that you capture sound in front of the mic while reducing background noise.

Plus, the cold shoe mount has a ⅜’’ thread that makes it easy to attach to a professional boom pole. And it comes with a foam windscreen to help reduce wind noise.

So whether you’re shooting a feature film or a short video, the Rode VideoMicPro is the perfect microphone for the job.





Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or an amateur videographer, the DJI Mic is a must-have accessory for your DJI Osmo Action camera.

This mic comes with a cold shoe adapter, making it compatible with other action cameras on the market.

It also includes two microphone/transmitter units and a receiver, all of which can be safely stored in the included charging case. This makes transporting, pairing and charging the units a breeze.

The transmitter units can be clipped to your clothing, or you can use the included magnetic mount for a more secure solution. The battery life on this mic is impressive, at 15 hours.

This means you won’t have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of filming. The DJI Mic also has onboard recording and a safety track, making it a versatile tool for anyone looking to take their filmmaking to the next level.

Synco G2




The Synco G2 is one of the best budget external microphone systems on the market. It’s perfect for those who want to improve their audio quality without spending a lot of money.

The Synco G2 operates on the same principle as the previous microphone systems. What it lacks is the onboard recording, so if your audio drops, then you lose that section of the recording.

And it doesn’t have a safety track either. Listening to the Synco G2 and Rode Wireless Go II side-by-side, the Rode has superior sound quality.

There is less noise, and the sound is richer. The Rode provides better audio quality than the Synco G2.

So whether you’re shooting a feature film or a short video, the Synco G2 is a perfect microphone choice worth considering.





Looking for a budget-friendly way to improve your audio recordings? Check out the PowerDeWise lavalier clip-on microphone. This mic is a great option for anyone who wants to upgrade from their built-in camera microphone but doesn’t need a professional-quality mic. 

The PowerDeWise lavalier clip-on microphone is perfect for vloggers, YouTubers, and anyone else who records audio in a variety of settings. The 79’’ cord length gives you plenty of freedom to move around, and the deadcat windscreen helps reduce background noise. 

Don’t let poor audio quality ruin your videos! Upgrade to the PowerDeWise lavalier clip-on microphone and get the clear, crisp sound you deserve.

Sennheiser Professional MKE 200




Although small in size, the Sennheiser Professional MKE 200 is a powerful microphone unit that is perfect for use with GoPros.

The directional audio and internal suspension shock mount work together to reduce handling noise, making it the perfect choice for vlogging and other action camera applications.

The battery-free design means you can rely on it to perform consistently, without worrying about interruption due to a dead battery.

Whether you’re capturing video of a family vacation or an extreme sports adventure, the Sennheiser Professional MKE 200 will ensure that your audio is clear and accurate, so you can focus on enjoying the moment.

Movo VXR10 Universal




The Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to improve the audio quality of their videos.

This shotgun mic has an aluminum casing and an internal shock mount, which makes it durable and able to withstand even the most intense action.

The Movo VXR10 also comes with a complete suite of accessories, including a carrying case, a deadcat windscreen, and a mic adapter for both mobile devices and DSLR cameras (these two adapters are referred to as TRRS and TRS, respectively).

With its compact size and high-quality construction, the Movo VXR10 is the perfect video microphone for anyone who wants to take their videos to the next level.

Movo VXR10 Pro




The Movo VXR10 Pro shotgun microphone is a great choice for anyone looking for a compact, shock-mounted shotgun mic.

It comes with cables to connect to your action camera or smartphone, and also includes a travel pouch and deadcat windshield.

The Movo VXR10 Pro has a richer sound than the Rode, with a less high-frequency response.

However, in very windy conditions, the Movo can pick up too much wind noise. This is true even with the deadcat installed. Therefore, this mic may not be ideal for action cameras that are often used in outdoor settings.

But at this price point, it’s still a great option for those looking for a quality shotgun mic.


Rode VideoMicro




This powerful little mic is specifically designed to improve the sound quality of your videos, whether you’re recording outdoors or in a noisy environment.

The Rode VideoMicro features a frequency response that almost completely eliminates the sub- 100 Hz range, which means you’ll get crystal-clear audio without any unwanted low-end noise. It’s also great in windy conditions and comes with a deadcat windshield to further reduce any unwanted sound interference.

But what really sets the Rode VideoMicro apart is its ability to clearly capture speech. Whether you’re recording an interview or just vlogging your day-to-day life, this mic will make sure your voice is loud and clear.

Boya BY-MM1




The Boya BY-MM1 is a high-quality, affordable microphone that is perfect for anyone looking to improve their audio recording.

This versatile mic can be used for a variety of purposes, from interviews and vlogging to podcasting and music recording.

The BY-MM1 comes with a deadcat windscreen, shock mount, and carrying pouch, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

With its superior sound quality, the BY-MM1 is the perfect way to take your audio recordings to the next level. Order yours today and start enjoying the benefits of professional-quality audio recordings.

Rode SmartLav+




The Rode SmartLav+ is the perfect solution for content creators who use their smartphones as their primary cameras.

This omnidirectional lavalier microphone is specifically designed for mobile devices, but can also be used with action cameras with the right adapter.

The tiny (4.5mm diameter) design comes with a foam windscreen and a sturdy clip-mount that discreetly attaches to your clothing.

It plugs directly into your smartphone’s headphone jack and has a solid, kevlar-reinforced cable. The only downside to this camera microphone is that you have to use the Rode app, which is a paid app (boo) and can be a bit buggy sometimes.

But overall, the Rode SmartLav+ is an excellent choice for content creators who want to improve the sound quality of their videos without breaking the bank.





The Takstar SGC-589 is perfect for on-the-go shooting. It’s lightweight yet versatile, with a unidirectional polar pattern and hot shoe mount that make it compatible with both DSLR and action cameras.

Plus, the included adapter means you can use it with your GoPro or DJI as well. 

But this mic doesn’t sacrifice quality for convenience. It’s got 100 hours of battery life, so you can keep shooting all day long. And if you’re worried about wind noise, the Rig comes with a foam windscreen for added protection.

So whether you’re capturing a video of your latest adventure or recording audio for your next film project, the Takstar SGC-589 is an option worth considering.

How to choose the right action camera microphone attachment?

The first thing to consider when choosing the action camera microphone attachment is the type of microphone that it uses. There are three main types of microphones: dynamic, condenser, and ribbon. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to choose the right type for your needs.

Dynamic microphones are generally considered to be the best type for action cameras. They are very durable and they can handle high levels of noise without distorting the sound. They are also relatively affordable and easy to use. Condenser microphones are more sensitive than dynamic microphones, which makes them a good choice for capturing subtle sounds.

However, they are also more fragile and they require phantom power, which not all action cameras have. Ribbon microphones are the most sensitive type of microphone and they are perfect for capturing clear and accurate voices. However, they are also the most expensive and fragile type of microphone.

Compatibility: Once you have decided on the type of microphone that you need, you need to choose an action camera microphone attachment that is compatible with your action camera. Most action camera microphone attachments use a 3.5mm jack connector, so make sure that your action camera has this connector before purchasing an attachment.

Here are the best action camera mic adapters:

The final thing to consider when choosing an action camera microphone attachment is its form factor. There are three main form factors: inline, shotgun, and lavalier. Inline form factor attachments sit between the action camera and the external microphone.

Shotgun form factor attachments attach to the top of the action camera and point inwards towards the subject. Lavalier form factor attachments clip onto the subject’s clothing and record audio from close proximity.

After considering these three factors, you should be able to find an action camera microphone attachment that is perfect for your needs.


How to Attach an External Microphone

1. Find the action camera microphone attachment that is compatible with your action camera.

2. Connect the action camera microphone attachment to your action camera.

3. Connect the external microphone to the action camera microphone attachment.

4. Turn on your action camera and start recording!

Can you attach a microphone to a GoPro?

If you want to improve the audio quality of your GoPro footage, you can do so by using an external microphone adapter (GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter).

This will convert USB power to 3.5mm audio output, which will allow you to connect a microphone directly to your GoPro.

How can I make my action camera sound better?

Action cameras don’t always have the best audio quality. If you want to improve the sound quality of your action camera, you can buy an action camera microphone attachment.

External microphones record high-quality audio and reduce background noise, providing a better sound than built-in microphones.

It’s important to remember to always record your audio uncompressed, as compressed audio is lower quality. Uncompressed audio gives you more control over your recordings.

Final thoughts on action camera microphone attachments

External microphones offer a significant increase in sound quality for your video recordings. This is true whether you are doing interviews or making music videos at home on an expense account!

The type of recording may determine which external mic will work best- but if money isn’t really an issue then consider either one from Rode ( Wireless Go II). It has great features like its wireless transmitter that charges as soon as it finishes using power via USB cable; this makes them convenient to take anywhere without needing extra batteries too often – plus there’s no risk whatsoever when filming outdoors because all sunlight must go behind

The best way to find your balance is by considering what you want from it – whether affordability, sound quality, or ease of use! If performance matters most then look at the Boya BY-MM1 but if the price isn’t an issue and crystal clear vocals are critical instead; go with Shure SM58si.

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