I had always been a curious person. Ever since I was a little boy, I would constantly ask questions about the world around me.

I loved learning new things, and I was always eager to expand my knowledge. This passion for learning eventually led me to pursue a career in blogging and digital marketing.

I have been fascinated by photography ever since I picked up my first camera as a child.

Additionally, I use this blog as an outlet to share my knowledge and experience on the topics of both technology and photography.

For the last five years, I have dedicated myself to learning and expanding my expertise with the world.

I put all of my heart and soul into the content, and I hope that people will get value from it.

Josef’s blog is a reflection of my passion for learning and my desire to share knowledge with others.

It’s a place where I can share his thoughts and ideas, and it’s a platform for him to express my creativity.

How it all began


The video I saw on YouTube changed my life. The title of it was “I bought a Lamborghini before my 30s“.

At that time, I was 18 years old and from a poor country with middle-class family roots – what could be possible?

Before then always imagined myself driving around in fancy cars or living the high lifestyle only seen in movies.

After I finish watching the video I started to watch other videos in this field. In a short period, I became obsessed with Online-Marketing.

I bought tons of courses so I can expand my knowledge. I tried multiple times with different types of business but I failed in all of them.

But with every failure, I was learning something new. I didn’t give up and kept trying. I learned then web design and development and worked as a freelancer.

I earned a good amount of money from my clients that my lovely father helped me to acquire.

Eventually, every one of us has his own story and went throw different obstacles, but if you can wake up in the morning then you have always the chance to start again, because that is a message from God to you that you still have something to achieve before you leave.

I don’t know where I'll be in a week, a month, or the next year. 
I do what I want for as long as I want, always trying out to be the best version of myself.